C & C Home Repair Dubai

Plumbing Repair

C & C has a expertise to provide Emergency Plumbing & Repair for Villa & apartment in Dubai.


Water Pump Repair

If there is any issue of Water or Water pump, You can count on C & C Water Pump Repair in Dubai .


Water Leakage Repair

C & C Emergency technical team is ready to handle any water leakage repair for Dubai customers.


Painting Services

C & C Home Maintenance has team painters, Who can can change your home look in Dubai.

CNC-24hr_Emergency_Home Repair-AC Repair

AC Repair

Trusted residential AC Repair
Services Expert .
CNC-24hr_Emergency_Home Repair-Water Leakage

Plumbing Services

Residential Plumbing Services
and Repair.
CNC-24hr_Emergency_Home Repair-Repair

Water Pump Installation

Residential Water Pump Installation
and Repair.
CNC-24hr_Emergency_Home Repair-water heater

Water Heater Installation

Trusted residential Water Heater
Installation Expert .

Emergency Leakage Repair

Residential Emergency Water
Leak Repair.
CNC-Electric_Repair-Home Maintenance

Electric Repair

Residential Electric Repair Services
and Repair.
CNC-24hr_Emergency_Home Repair-Painting

Home Painting Services

Trusted residential Painting
Services Expert .
CNC-24hr_Emergency_Home Repair-Cleaning

Cleaning Services

Residential Cleaning Services
and Repair.
cnc_gypsum_tiles_ceiling_Gypsum Ceiling

Gypsum Ceiling Services

Residential Gypsum Ceiling Services
and Repair.

C & C Home Maintenance & Repair

C & C Home Repair Dubai specialize in providing a wide range of home repair and repair services for both residential and commercial customers at competitive prices. We take pride in what we do and how we do it which is why you can be sure that our team of qualified and certified professionals are not only reliable, but efficient and friendly too. We have taken the stress out of maintaining and improving your home. Are you looking to keep your home healthy, safe, looking great and running smoothly? We are well equipped to handle the needs of one property or those of an entire community. Let us protect your valuable investment right now. C & C Home Repair Dubai provides a unique and revolutionary service in home repair offering a comprehensive preventive maintenance program to preserve and enhance the value, life, and beauty of your home. C & C Home Repair Dubai was founded to meet the needs of today’s busy homeowner and provide our customers with the precious gift of extra time. Extra time to spend on things more enjoyable and important to you.

Our Services !

C & C Home Repair Dubai is offering complete home maintenance & repair from Air Conditioner maintenance & repair to painting & carpentry work. Our maintenance services are custom fit to meet your properties unique needs. Our range of services include, but are not limited to, initial services, natural disaster inspections, minor and major repairs. Whatever your problem, our aim is to minimize the hassle associated with maintaining your property, residential or commercial.

Our Promises

Call us today on 04 4586233 / 050 4947460 and speak to one of our friendly customer service representatives who will be able to answer any questions you have as well as provide a free quote. or Fill the form





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