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C & C Home Maintenance is a Dubai based company. We are specialized in AC repair, Servicing, maintenance, supply and installation across Dubai With a team of technicians on the road and with extensive experience in the AC servicing.

Air Conditioning Servicing
Air Conditioner Cleaning
Air Conditioner Chemical Washing

AC Top Up & Refilling

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C & C Air Conditioner repair Services is a team of qualified and professional AC technicians With years of expertise, we provide AC repair services for commercial and residential clients. We are a company committed to fixing all AC related problems.

Air Conditioning Top Up
Air Conditioner Gas Refilling
Air Conditioner Pipe Flushing

C & C AC Services Includes:

C & C AC Repair Services provides most Air Conditioner servicing works for both residential and commercial premises. The basic Air Conditioner deals can be breakdown into 4 different categories as stated:

One-Time General Air Conditioner Servicing
Yearly Contract Air Conditioner Maintenance
Air Conditioner Chemical Wash (Chemical Cleaning) Service
Checking & Troubleshooting of Air Conditioner Fault
Repair Service for Air Conditioner Circuit Board.
C & C AC_Servicing_AC Servicing

At C & C our aim is to bring our clients the best when it comes to air conditioning. We are thoroughly attuned to our customers’ needs, and offer our services to all manner of clients. Whether you need an air conditioner for your home or small business, or a large business seeking the comfort of air conditioning. we have the knowledge and experience across a range of brands to tackle all manner of air conditioning solutions. From Daikin, LG, Mitsubishi to all brand air conditioners, look no further than C & C for your air con needs.

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